Thursday, 17 November 2016

Site Improved! Also, Call for Interviews

A few articles on my homepage had formatting errors (font size). By this point, I understand better how to fix this in the quickest, most economical manner.

I have been doing relatively less journalism in recent times. However, I will soon be showing you some recent material. Mid/late November to mid December will be a very busy time for me; but mid/late December through new year will be a beautiful time with plenty more material, including the various outlets where I've been published before.

In the meantime, I'd like to run a series of interviews in the new year on UK drinking culture. Have you ever been harassed, threatened or assaulted by police, bouncers or bar staff...

For the crime of drinking while disabled, which is itself (of course!) only a subset of existing while disabled? If so, please email me on the usual address:

I cannot do any serious work on this until mid December at least, but please do get in touch! I don't know where I will publish the interviews, as I am a freelancer; I believe good ethics dictate I cannot represent myself as someone who blogs at a particular outlet, and thus somehow promise to publish the interviews there.

Please do get in touch! If anonoymity is required, there is no reason why I can't facilitate that.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

My Plan to Stop Racist Bigots (A Modest Proposal)

I'm going to tolerate respectable MIC, uh sorry, 'WMC' racism for decades and shout down anyone who starts imagining things and calling me a bigot.

Then when my racism starts turning into genuinely indecent racism, I am going to let these ignorant right-wing bigots they have REALLY crossed a line.

There is #nonfiguratively NOTHING is this world that is worse than bad form, and inexpedient forms of racism.

If you want to hammer down on Arabs, Jews and black people, you might as well at least be subtler and more PC about it!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Acceptable Racism Breeds Unacceptable Racism

Guess what?

If you condemn moderate 'honest brokers' on the Israel issue and accuse them of 'complicity with evil,' then you open up the ground to bigots screaming 'Zioliberal! Zionazi!'

If you insinuate Arabs and Eastern Europeans are animals who must be brought to heel via humanitarian aggression, then you legitimize leaders who talk about banning Muslims or who make indiscriminate accusations of rape and pillaging against Mexicans.

If you accept 'acceptable racism,' then expect unacceptable racism as its necessary corollary!

Sadly, a remedy for a well advanced disease is even harder to find than some preventative measures.

If you thought it was OK to demonize moderates on the Israel/Palestine issue and to impose the white Man's Burden on the so-called 'Dirty Arabs' of Iraq, the so-called 'West Orientals' of the Balkans, don't start crying about how unjust it is that a 'real' racist is finally leader. You were kind of asking for it!

Sadly, however, it's not you who will pay. It's other innocent people.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Late 2016 Return!

Sorry for the paucity of work here recently! I will explain why soon.

In late 2016, I will return.

1. I will provide more nuance on my comments on the Liberal Democrats and Eurosceptics. (No, we are not being purged, nor have I ever meant to imply such a thing was even remotely likely; we merely have an honest disagreement, which is what happens. I still maintain that there are arguments for or against either Leave OR Remain. We all need to be adults about this; I no less than others).

2. A bit more material from Lib Dem Voice.

3. Much, much more!

I've been getting it tight on a number of levels.

Hope to engage with you all soon once again!


Friday, 9 September 2016

Weekend Meditation

As below, so above.

The Reformation and the Enlightenment affirmed the sovereignty of the (heretofore) fleeting and frail and contingent conscience.

Now, power has evolved, and become smarter and sneaker with it.

Now power also claims to be the One who is fleeting, and frail, and contingent, but no less sovereign!

This is the true 'postmodern nationalism' and 'posthuman humanism.'

Thursday, 1 September 2016

"I, for one, am not an anti-Neoliberal!"

Adapted from my comments at the Facebook Group: Zizek and the Slovenian School.

On the one hand, people who claim neoliberalism exists say that Hayek thought capitalism and free markets could aid democracy, but if not, well too bad!

But on the other hand, people who claim neoliberalism exists say that Hayek was predicting an inevitable slide into servitude (rather than hypothesising about potential risks).

Which one is the true one?

The reason I don't trust the usual lines of assertion and rhetoric regarding Hayek and Friedman is that people try to have it both ways. They want to associate Hayek and Friedman with the pernicious 'Washington Consensus' of crony capitalism, but they also want to be taken seriously as people acquainted with the writings of Hayek and Friedman.

But everyone who has read even a little Hayek and Friedman knows that they were at best deeply sceptical, and at worst pretty critical, of continental-level or global-level crony capitalist institutionalism.

As you can see already, I am not defending this or that element of what they have written; that's not the point here. I am merely pointing out that any association of scholars sceptical of global-institutional/continental-institutional 'crony capitalism' with the very same objects of their scepticism, or even criticism, can only ever stem either from cynicism, a lack of intelligence, or a lack of serious acquaintance with their writings.

And this is really not a grey area at all. Have you read the chapter near the end of 'The Road to Serfdom' where Hayek lays this all out fairly neatly?

Ultimately, the myth of neoliberalism risks severely discrediting intelligent and rational critics of globalist crony-capitalism; just as 9/11 Truthers, anti-vaxxers, and Ickean lizard-hunters risk imperilling the cause of non-interventionism.

The Vast Neoliberal Conspiracy is a busted spunk, and it needs to be binned, if people have the merest whit of ethical seriousness about the problem of globalist crony capitalism.